Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Inspiration for Summer

Everything is perfectly color coordinated... almost. Cut off chinos, a sweatshirt thrown over a collared button-down, sneakers worn sockless, and of course some man jewelry. Put them all together and you've got a cool look for a chilly summer evening.

This photo is by Weston Wells. Who is Weston Wells? you might ask. I didn't know either until yesterday when Lawrence at Sart Inc highlighted some of his work. Check out his portfolio here.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tip | Slatwall Storage

This post by The Style Blogger just blew my mind.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Deals | 40% OFF one regularly priced item at GAP

I received this coupon during a visit to the Gap last week (scanned above). Wednesday April 14 (today) and next Wednesday April 21, you can receive 40% off one regularly priced item. If you have a Gap card (which I do), you'll get 45% off. Why wait for something to hit the sale rack when you can get it now for almost half off?

I've been endorsing Gap quite a bit lately. I guess I just feel like their offerings are on point.

Some items to consider...

How To | Get Shot by the Sartorialist!

I just found this and found it very amusing (click to enlarge image):

[Link - also includes larger image]

Deals | 25% OFF one item at Lands' End

Offer ends Thursday, April 15.

Promotion Code: APRIL15
PIN: 160588702

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spotlight | Converse One Star @ Target

I''ll start by saying, I've been frequenting my local Target more than ever lately. In the past, it was deodorant, plastic bins and birthday cards that brought me there. Lately, however, I've been browsing the racks of the men's clothing section. There are a few lines worth mentioning. Today, I'll highlight Converse One Star®, available exclusively at Target and Target.com.

The first exclusive One Star collection launched at Target in 2008. The latest Spring 2010 collection hit stores in January and it offers men's and women's apparel, accessories and footwear. According to a Target press release, this season's collection "celebrates the optimistic rebel, and incorporates authentic downtown influences and vintage touches on versatile, affordable closet staples with an attitude." Wow, they lost me at "optimistic rebel"...

All kidding aside, as I've browsed the menswear in store, I'll acknowledge they are making an honest effort to keep the line current and fresh. The fits are modern and slimmed down. The patterns and materials are the same you'd find at Urban Outfitters or H&M. I can't speak on the quality of craftsmanship, but I'm sure it's nothing to brag about. (Look for a review or two in the coming weeks). In terms of the 2010 offerings, or whatever it is I've been seeing on the racks, let me highlight a few pieces that have caught my eye:

Henley $17.99

Chambray Shirt - Blue $24.99

Dark Plaid Shirt - Blue $24.99

Woven Scarf - Grey $14.99

If you like what you see, don't forget to buy online through Ebates.com and save 3%.

Deals | French Connection Sample Sale

The sample sale, hosted by Chelsea Market, starts tomorrow and will go through Sunday. Up to 70% off. Click here for details.

[Found via Choosy Beggar]

Monday, April 12, 2010

Wish List | J.Crew Roughed-out Leather Belt

J.Crew Roughed-out Leather Belt - $29.99 (org. $52)

In high school, I used to be the type of guy with one brown belt and one black belt. My oh my how life changes when you have an open-mind and a steady cash flow. Now, I point a finger in the face of old me and exclaim "Gah!" Of course, my belt collection has evolved in an interesting way, to say the least. The black studded belt from my sophomore year of college comes to mind. Then there was that white leather number from Hot Topic (they had the best price, not a normal customer!) that was pretty punk rock. And lets not forget the shoelace belt I rocked a few times that summer in AZ when I was skateboarding like a fiend.

Yeah, it's been a bumpy ride, but my belt collection is still far from complete. Still need one of these, and a few of these. And of course the one pictured above, because that pilgrim buckle is soooo hot right now. You know me, always swayed by the latest fads.

Never owned a J.Crew belt before, but boy I'd love to take one for a spin.

Inspiration | Pastel Prep

Nice use of pastel colors here. I feel like navy was a good color choice for the sweater. The rolled jeans hanging low on the waist and the shirt untucked are a nice touch that, to me, say "I might be dressed in pastels but I'll still kick your a--."

[Found via Unabashedly Prep]

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Officially Interested | Nixon Newton Watch

Nixon watches. Everything about them screams southern California to me. Found on the wrists of many a professional surfer/snowboarder/skater, as well as has-beens and wannabes, these watches are statement pieces to say the least. Bold, flashy, chunky, colorful, techy. The Nixon Newton watch is no exception.

The Newton features an LED light and a kooky rotating disc display. The case consists of molded polycarbonate with hardened mineral crystal and the band is custom injected silicone. There are 8 color choices available and it appears to go for $100 on the website.

Some people complain that it's difficult to tell exactly what time it is on the Newton. Enter the Newton Digital. Those Nixon folks have a solution for everything!

Now that Spring is right around the corner, I think it would do me well to inject some color into my accessories. I'd love to check "neon watch" off the wish list. For your information, I found both the Newton and the Newton Digital as cheap as $74 on Amazon.com.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Damage Done | Lands' End Wish List

After a tip from the Style Blogger that down vests were going for an easy $15 at LandsEnd.com, I decided to pop over and wander around a little bit. Unfortunately, or maybe I should say awesomely, depending on how you look at it, some damage was done. A couple ties, one belt, a jacket and a vest later, I was feeling much better about myself after a long, difficult day. And most definitely awesomely, all the items were on sale and I somehow got away with spending just over $110. Heyo! Then, when I thought things couldn't get any better, I found a Lands' End promotion code at promotioncode.org that saved me $14.95 on shipping! That's another down vest right there.

Check it.

Men's Regular Stormer Raincoat • $49.50 (org. $79.50)

Kids' Down Vest (Size L.. I have a good feeling) • $14.99 (org. $25.50)

Total Savings: $104.50. And whatever I'm not satisfied with will be returned to my local Sears, free of charge. Not bad.

Deals | Paul Smith Sample Sale

Through Saturday, Paul Smith HQ is hosting a friends and family sample sale. However, it sounds like they are welcoming those without invites. Click here for more details.

[Found via The Choosy Beggar]

GQ's Guide to Dressing for Less

In the April issue of GQ there is a great article for the financially challenged entitled "The Penny-Pincher's Guide to Style". It finally went up on the website and you can find it here. It covers where and how to shop, the items you should always buy for less and the 25 rules that will make you a better-dressed, more cost-conscious man.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hey, Nice Sweaters

From Ben Sherman Winter 2010

From Tommy Hilfiger Men's Tailored Fall 2010

From J.Crew Fall 2010

You may remember a "trend spot" post of mine from January regarding patterned sweaters. No? Click here to refresh your memory. I don't mean to stroke my own ego, but.... no, that's exactly what I'm doing here, let's face it. (I think I'm so cool.)