Friday, October 23, 2009

The Way My Brain Works

12 ft. long Subway sandwiches = 1 new pair of Aldo wingtips
245 cans of Sprite = new Calvin Klein wool suit
5 Chipotle burritos = new grey cardigan
3 meals from Shake Shack = new pair of UNIQLO cords
4 frozen yogurts from 40 carrots = new DKNY tie from Filene's Basement

This is how my brain works. And, to the chagrin of my girlfriend, one reason I hate spending money on food.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Paragon Sports Close Out Sale

On September 19, I was walking with my girlfriend in Union Square. We walked past Paragon Sports and noticed "40 - 60% OFF" signs. I didn't really need anything in the way of outdoor gear/sporting equipment, but my curiosity got the best of me. It's almost impossible for me to walk past such a sale without digging around a little bit. And good thing I did, because (after searching through the snowboard outerwear rack a dozen times) I found a cool new pair of Hurley board shorts - an item I've been wanting to buy since the start of summer. Originally $59, I got these bad boys for $16 and some change.

I love the bright colors and the length is just right (just above the knees). But the best part about this suit is the material, Hurley's PHANTOM fabric. Apparently, it is 'the most technologically advanced boardshop material available'. It's lightweight, surprisingly soft and ultra stretchy.

Look out for Paragon's close out sale next year in September. I'll be there.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Since moving to New York City, I've found a great place to shop for shoes is Aldo. They have almost a dozen locations throughout Manhattan. While I will not agree with the assertion that Aldo sells "high-quality fashion footwear" as the website claims, I will say that they do a decent job of balancing quality and affordable prices. Most of their dress shoes are $100 or less.

My most recent discovery was stumbling upon the clearance section of Aldo's online store. You can find it here. Some of the listed shoes are 40-50% off the retail price. On top of that, if you spend more than $125*, your order ships free. AND if you don't like what you get in the mail, you can return your order to the closest store, no questions asked.

I have ordered shoes from their website twice now. Both times I ordered 3 pairs in order to get free shipping. Of course, I picked my favorite pair out of each batch and then returned the other two. C'mon now, I can't be spending all my paycheck on shoes!

Give it a shot.

*Note: I've found that this amount changes.

Purpose of The Canny Dandy

Welcome to my blog The Canny Dandy.

The purpose of this blog is three-fold:

1. To highlight current trends and personal observations in the world of fashion, specifically within New York City.

2. To post and comment on my recent wardrobe purchases as a personal record.

3. To help people save money on fashion. With markups as high as they are, no one should pay full price for anything. I hope to highlight current deals and promotions, helpful websites, and my tricks of the trade. Everyone loves a good deal, especially me.