Monday, April 12, 2010

Wish List | J.Crew Roughed-out Leather Belt

J.Crew Roughed-out Leather Belt - $29.99 (org. $52)

In high school, I used to be the type of guy with one brown belt and one black belt. My oh my how life changes when you have an open-mind and a steady cash flow. Now, I point a finger in the face of old me and exclaim "Gah!" Of course, my belt collection has evolved in an interesting way, to say the least. The black studded belt from my sophomore year of college comes to mind. Then there was that white leather number from Hot Topic (they had the best price, not a normal customer!) that was pretty punk rock. And lets not forget the shoelace belt I rocked a few times that summer in AZ when I was skateboarding like a fiend.

Yeah, it's been a bumpy ride, but my belt collection is still far from complete. Still need one of these, and a few of these. And of course the one pictured above, because that pilgrim buckle is soooo hot right now. You know me, always swayed by the latest fads.

Never owned a J.Crew belt before, but boy I'd love to take one for a spin.

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