Friday, April 9, 2010

Damage Done | Lands' End Wish List

After a tip from the Style Blogger that down vests were going for an easy $15 at, I decided to pop over and wander around a little bit. Unfortunately, or maybe I should say awesomely, depending on how you look at it, some damage was done. A couple ties, one belt, a jacket and a vest later, I was feeling much better about myself after a long, difficult day. And most definitely awesomely, all the items were on sale and I somehow got away with spending just over $110. Heyo! Then, when I thought things couldn't get any better, I found a Lands' End promotion code at that saved me $14.95 on shipping! That's another down vest right there.

Check it.

Men's Regular Stormer Raincoat • $49.50 (org. $79.50)

Kids' Down Vest (Size L.. I have a good feeling) • $14.99 (org. $25.50)

Total Savings: $104.50. And whatever I'm not satisfied with will be returned to my local Sears, free of charge. Not bad.


  1. Dan, I have an old tie from a thrift store just like that polka dotted one...we'll have to be twins one day

  2. those are some great deals...and they are all classics!

  3. Snacks - Thrift stores are the best place to look for ties! Call me when you wear yours, and we'll coordinate.

    Mr. Lopez - Thanks, I agree! You should pick something up yourself.