Thursday, March 25, 2010

Prized Possessions | Timex Military Watch

Someone in my family must be reading my blog because I received a birthday package last week at the office and this was in it. The Timex Military watch I've had my eye on. I came to find out my dear siblings went in on this together. Well done, brother and sisters. A great timepiece to add to my small collection.

A few notes on the watch: the face is a little smaller than I'd hoped (I'm guessing 38mm). Similarly, the nylon strap is slimmer and thinner than I hoped but very comfortable. The strap is also really long so I ended up cutting about an inch off and holding it up to a flame to keep it from fraying. All in all, it's a modest, low profile watch that is casual, comfortable and will never go out of style or get in the way (like my chunky G-shock).

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