Thursday, October 15, 2009


Since moving to New York City, I've found a great place to shop for shoes is Aldo. They have almost a dozen locations throughout Manhattan. While I will not agree with the assertion that Aldo sells "high-quality fashion footwear" as the website claims, I will say that they do a decent job of balancing quality and affordable prices. Most of their dress shoes are $100 or less.

My most recent discovery was stumbling upon the clearance section of Aldo's online store. You can find it here. Some of the listed shoes are 40-50% off the retail price. On top of that, if you spend more than $125*, your order ships free. AND if you don't like what you get in the mail, you can return your order to the closest store, no questions asked.

I have ordered shoes from their website twice now. Both times I ordered 3 pairs in order to get free shipping. Of course, I picked my favorite pair out of each batch and then returned the other two. C'mon now, I can't be spending all my paycheck on shoes!

Give it a shot.

*Note: I've found that this amount changes.

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