Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wish List | L.L. Bean Duck Boot

As mentioned in a previous post, I purchased a nice pair of Timberland Earthkeeper boots last winter - a decision I don't regret one bit. Whether it's accurate or not, I consider them my "snow boots" among other things. While they have been a great addition to my shoe collection, I now have my attention set on buying a nice pair of rain boots. The urgency of this purchase is even greater now that I've discovered my leather Timberlands are not 100% waterproof. Perhaps this was a foolish assumption. Regardless, I refuse to let the season's moisture in and compromise the warmth of dry socks.

I came across a photo of the L.L. Bean Duck Boot (pictured) in a recent issue of GQ and was quite impressed. My infatuation with the boots was a bit surprising to me as I always thought they looked ridiculous and uncool growing up. Lately, however, I've seen them around the city worn in a variety of stylish ways. If you're like me, and you can't bring yourself to get the knee-high Wellies, consider the duck boot.

This is what Jim Moore of GQ had to say about the new L.L. Bean Duck Boot:

"Alex Carleton, the ruggedly hip designer of Rogues Gallery, signed on recently to serve as the company's first creative collaborator in its ninety-nine-year history. The label challenged him to retain the brand's soul while jump-starting it for a new generation. Look no further than his shrewd reinvention of the original 1912 duck boot ($129). He replaced the leather upper with worn-in waxed cotton, making it the kind of boot you can just as easily wear on the streets of Manhattan as the coast of New England."

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