Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Wish List | Cream Cable Cardigan

I never thought to wear a cream-colored cardigan until I saw this one online. I always thought white (or cream) should be left to the ladies, fearing I would look too feminine like Danny Gokey in that white jacket on American Idol last season. Here it looks great combined with navy dress pants and a striped oxford shirt. I also like how they've pushed the sleeves up. And look at that watch! The key is to not pair it with similarly light items like a white dress shirt or khakis. You could also throw a sports jacket over this outfit to create a nice look.

I sure hope cardigans don't go out of style any time soon because I like them more and more. They're versatile. And taking off a v-neck sweater seems like such a chore compared to removing a cardigan, especially when you are out.

This cardigan was originally $595 but is now $299 (plus an extra 20% off according to the website).

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