Thursday, January 28, 2010

Quote of the Day

"A $180 pair of shoes will last you twice as long as a $90 pair of shoes, but a $360 pair of shoes will last you a lifetime."

-Dan Trepanier

Why not invest in a nice, classic pair of dress shoes? (Or maybe even two! - brown and black). They will likely last you a really, really long time. Plus, they will feel better on your feet. If you happen to drag your feet and are worried about wearing the soles down, don't fret, you could always have them re-soled for a reasonable price. We're touching on the simple principle of quality over quantity here, people! Do you want to spend 80 bucks on dress shoes every couple of years, or find a classic pair, crafted with the finest materials, that you can grow up with?

[Found via The Style Blogger]

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