Wednesday, January 6, 2010

After Christmas Gift to Myself

I'm not a very good person. This is evident during the Christmas holiday because I usually end up spending more money on myself than anyone else. Sad, right? Where is the Christmas spirit in that? This is probably so because of all the great deals I find. I'm a sucker for a good deal.

With that said, you better believe it was "go time" last week when my brother-in-law sent me a text message informing me Banana Republic was having a big sale. All sale items were half off the sale price until noon. Fortunately, it was only 11am AND I was already at the mall in Danbury, CT! I immediately hustled over to Banana where I began scouring the sale rack. I was finding great stuff - and in my size! Most of the items I pulled were the last of that particular item, too. It was pretty amazing.

Please indulge me as I showcase my purchases...

The waffle-knit sweater jacket
Retail Price: $132
My price: $40

Silk/cashmere v-neck sweater (silver-ish)
Retail price: $70
My price: $21 (damaged)

Merino wool v-neck sweater (camel)
Retail price: $59.50
My price: $15

Straight leg cotton corduroy pant (navy)
Retail price: $59.50
My price: $25

I was also able to use a $30 gift card that got me an additional 10% off each item. I ended up only spending just over $60. Boo yah!

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