Friday, November 27, 2009

Paul Frank Smart Patrol Watch

On January 22 of this year, my Paul Frank watch (pictured above) arrived at my office. I purchased it online from Whiskey Militia for just $39 + shipping. I confess, this was somewhat of an impulse buy. When I saw this watch online, however, I figured it was a great deal, read a few encouraging reviews and ultimately sealed the deal with my credit card. Since then, I've grown to really appreciate watches and the ability to look down at my wrist and see the time (as opposed to pulling my cell phone out of my pocket).

I like this watch because it's low-profile. It's modest and doesn't make a big statement. It has a clean leather band and a simple face (which in my opinion, is the perfect size, 44mm diameter). Personally, I don't think the big, oversized watches with all the bells and whistles match my personality or my style.

I am now shopping around for a watch with a brown leather band. It's at the top of my Xmas list this year. Any suggestions?

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