Friday, April 2, 2010

Trend Spot | The Sailor Stripe...

The sailor stripe. What exactly constitutes this stripe? I honestly can't say that I know. How thick does this stripe have to be? And how far apart? Does it have to be a blue stripe on white fabric? These are questions I have been asking myself lately. As I walk the streets and surf the interwebs, I point and think to myself is that a sailor stripe? Whether it's technically a "sailor stripe" or not, I've been seeing stripes - ya know, the blue and black kind, usually over white - all over the place.

Someone recently told me that the sailor, or nautical, stripe is popular every Spring. That may very well be true. Feel free to shed some light for the uneducated (me).


  1. I think guys have embraced the nautical stripe the last couple of years. They are mostly associated with the whole nautical style if they are red, navy blue, or red stripes. The shirt doesn't even need to be white it could also be navy blue with red stripes or yellow.

  2. Thanks for the insight! So does this mean the black stripes on white are not in this category?