Saturday, March 20, 2010

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Ever heard of Maybe you're familiar with "cash back shopping", a phenomenon that is rapidly gaining in popularity. According to the company website, Ebates, founded in 1998, is the pioneer and leader of online cash back shopping.

Partnering with over 1,200 stores, generously hands back a portion of the commission the site makes from stores. While rebates can reach up to 25%, they usually fall between 2-6%. That's 2-6% of the sale that goes right back into your back account. The cash back you accrue is sent out quarterly in the form a check, assuming the amount is at least $5. Otherwise, it's carried over into the next quarter. You can also receive the "Big Fat Check" via Paypal or have it donated to a charity of your choice.

The trick is remembering to go through the Ebates website for all your shopping needs. That and doing as much shopping online as you possibly can. I for one am prone to go straight to my nearest Target store before considering

Register online and receive emails regarding featured stores. Currently, deals of the week include DSW and Steve Madden (both 7% cash back). Other features include (10%) and Nordstrom (5%).

I just want to throw out there that after doing some Christmas shopping online for my brother last year I have $6.20 sitting in my account. Boo yah!!

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