Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Living With Less

A few weeks ago, The New York Times asked readers how they were getting by in the economic downturn. Many people responded with their personal survival strategies. I thought I'd share a few...

"I'm doing exactly what I've always done: living within my means. Not a problem. No lifestyle change. Libraries are still free." - John Smith, Vienna, VA

"Bring lunch from home. It might not always be that exciting but it's a huge savings!" - Amanda, NYC

"1. Donate clothes you don't wear to charity. 2. Don't buy anything new. 3. Actually wear the clothes you own (OMG)." - Ew55, CT

"Enjoy things you can do, and forget the others." - Maria Teresa Quirke Arrau, Chile

"Instead of going shopping, I am hosting seasonal clothing swaps. I provide snacks, guests provide beverages. We all bring clothes." - Kelly, Long Island City

"Learn to sew so you can replace a button, repair rips, etc. on perfectly good clothes. You might even want to make your own!" - Mary, Canada

"I buy shirts on sale then embellish them to make an original, custom-made item. It saves $$ and fills the time since I gave away the TV." - Pam, Irvine, CA

"Use student clinics - medical, dental, massage, acupuncture, haircuts, etc etc. So far every one I've been to is well-supervised, clean, etc" - Anne, Portland, OR

"Drive within the speed limit - it's boring but it really saves gas! Plan your time accordingly so that you don't have to rush anywhere :)" - Aswankle, Ohio

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