Monday, January 25, 2010

Tip | Wash Before Wearing

I read an interesting article today that shed light on the cleanliness of new clothes. Personally, when I take an item from a rack at a department store, I like to assume that it is brand new and unworn. However, this can be a foolish assumption. In fact, oftentimes store items contain many germs and secretions.

Good Morning America visited a number of high and low-end stores, purchased a dozen items and then sent them off to Dr. Philip Tierno, Director of microbiology and immunology at NYU, to test. The results were shockingly gross. On one item was found fecal germs. Another contained vaginal organisms.

I will now think twice before I wear a 'new' item off the rack. We'd all be well advised to wash new clothes before wearing. I think I'll tack that on to my list of new years' resolutions.

You can read the article, with all the disgusting details, here.

[Found via Neatorama]

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