Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Man on the Street

What do you first notice about the man in this photo?

I really appreciate this gentleman's look, for a few different reasons. If I were to, by chance, walk past him on the street, I would probably first notice his shoes. They look as if they were shined that morning. A great color and very well taken care of. This guy pays attention to detail. My eyes would inevitably glance upwards to the slacks. The perfect length - almost too perfect. You don't see that very often these days. I would then observe (or rather stare at) the nice camel colored overcoat. I would think, as I often do, every man should own a nice camel overcoat... I really need to find one. My eyes would eventually fall upon the man's scarf, tied perfectly. Surprisingly stylish yet completely functional. Necessary for walking around the city in the cold months of winter. Lastly, I'd peer at the green hat a little perplexed, but more so curious. Was this hat choice on purpose or was it the last thing he grabbed as he was rushing out the door? Is he making a statement or just being lazy?

I really enjoy observing what others are wearing as I walk the streets of New York City everyday. People with interesting style or well thought-out looks - like this guy - make it exciting.

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