Saturday, January 30, 2010

Why Not? | Fun Socks

One of the things I included on my Christmas list last year was a few pairs of colorful socks. My family probably found this request to be odd. Only gay boys wear pink and purple socks, my dad likely thought to himself. Plus, I used to hate getting socks when I was younger. Now at age 27, as I and my sense of style mature, I find myself branching out in different directions. I pay more attention to bags, accessories, socks, watches, pocket squares and so on. These are the things that make getting dressed in the morning fresh and interesting. I was tired of only seeing the colors white, solid black and brown in my sock drawer. It was time for something new and different.

Santa was one swell guy - I got just what I asked for:

UNIQLO (4 for $10!)

Gap (3 for $15)


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