Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Wish List: Polos

I am in serious need of a few new polos. I have about 6 polos in my closet, and half of them are from Old Navy. That is almost embarrassing to admit. I typically succumb - completely overlooking the quality and cheap material - because the prices are so ridiculously good. A polo for $8? You can't beat that.

They would be great if they didn't shrink 2 sizes in the wash, or stretch out in weird places like the collar. I think the prize goes to the fake Abercrombie & Fitch polo my brother got me in Indonesia which I've been wearing for about 2 years now. That or the forest green, striped polo with the collar that turns up on one side I got on the sale rack at Old Navy 6 years ago. Both have seen better days. Wow, I'm just now realizing the severity of my situation.

I think it's time for an upgrade, whether it be J.Crew or Banana Republic or some other label. I just need something new. Something with a nice slim fit that isn't too long or too short. I'm thinking solid colors that I can use for formal and casual occasions. Something that retails for between $30-40 (that I could possibly find discounted elsewhere... of course).

Any suggestions?

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