Saturday, January 2, 2010

Trend Spot: The Denim Shirt

I'm a little late on this one, but I couldn't resist. I see more and more denim shirts each month. Everyone is selling them now. I think I first started noticing denim button downs back in January. I thought it was an interesting trend, but not for me. Well, I finally gave in and decided to pick one up for a 'test drive'. I didn't want to break the bank on an item I was so uncertain about, so I first looked for one on sale at the Gap. I didn't really like what I found (or the price it was selling for).

Surprisingly, after shopping around for one for a couple months, I finally picked one up at Target of all places. It's a denim button down by Target's Merona brand. This brand is hit or miss, but lately, I've been finding some good stuff. I purchased the shirt for $19.99 but recently went back and found it on sale for $13.98. (Of course I went back in for a price adjustment).

I was unsuccessful finding a photo online, so below I've included a couple photos of denim shirts done right.

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